Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Svensk design blog

I found a rather interesting Swedish blog,, that has some fun artsy entries. Even if you can't read the Swedish, you can look at the fun pictures. Ytlig means superficial in Swedish, but this is not superficial at all.

They have blogged about a great movie about typography, a pictures of 4 stories of chairs by Doris Salcedo, and some amazing sculptures made out of pencils by Jennifer Maestre (they look kind of soft, like muppet fur, but they are sharp!). I think the internet really has made it possible for smaller artists to be seen more, now when anyone can link and discuss their work. I imagine that this has revolutionized the marketing of lesser known artists, at least I hope so.


PP said...

what does it say about the chairs???

LS said...

About the chairs:

"Visst är det härligt med stora ambitioner. Den här installationen av Doris Salcedo fascinerar på många sätt. Just den här installationen har ni kanske sett tidigare - den gjordes så tidigt som 2003 i Istanbul."

Isn't it wonderful with great ambitions? This installation by Doris Salcedo is fascinating in many ways. You might have seen this installation earlier - it was presented already in 2003 in Istanbul.

More info about the artist here: