Monday, June 4, 2007

Walks in New Jersey

3 days and 3 walks, the High bridge Columbia trail, the Sourland preserve and Sandy Hook by the sea. If you're not careful you can get into a bison herd!

Three beautiful spots in NJ. Click on the pictures to get bigger ones.



PP said...

wow, I live here? It does not look too bad...maybe its just the skill of the photographer.

O.K. said...

Very nice puictures! More please.

But aren't some of the buffalos on the wrong side of the fence? ;)

LS said...

Ahhhhh, the buffalos are roaming free!

Have you seen them running - they run like gnus, with their hindlegs kind uf under the body, very strange.

We had some buffalo/bison for dinner, very tasty!

EH said...

PP, it takes a pair of fresh eyes sometimes, "you can see the wood, because of all the trees". It's beautiful spots almost everywhere...except Newark maybe.

O.K. More pictures exist, I will put some from our new trip tomorrow...New Sweden blogpost to come.

LS The buffalo are more like "bro"ling" than ra'ming if you see the svenglish meaning. Tasty yesyes, very!

EH said...

PP I got it wrong it should be You CAN'T see the wood because of all the trees. It lost its meaning in the other comment.