Monday, June 18, 2007

Land of fire and ice- Iceland

...but also great green fields, black lavafields, enless shores and big volcanoes. I have always had a passion for this country, now AnS is going there this summer. I envy her a lot! Some stamps, unfortunately low resolution, but you get the general idea I think.

a geyser called Strokkur





Hverarönd at Namaskard, boiling mud!

Skeggi-mountain at Arnarfjord


Skaftafell- Vatnajökull

Herdubreid- mountain

Iceland birds

Icelandic postofficer! Maybe not nowadays but before...

by EH


EH said...
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LS said...

Cool! I only went to Iceland for 3 days, it wasn't enough. I want to see more, especially boiling mud and the giant waterfall. With all the Viking lore it is really a mystical place. Recently we saw a film that was partly situated in Reykjavik, I think it was called The girl in the cafe, and even if the movie was OK and not great, the scenes from Iceland I think captured the difference between the rest of Europe and Iceland a lot. Thanks for the stamps!

LS said...

If there are no forests on Iceland, how did they get wood for their ships and buildings?

PP said...

what is going on in the first stamp, the one that says ISLAND 31.00?

LS said...

I think it is a geyser. Maybe that is an icelandic word?

EH said...

Yep, it´s a geyser, named Strokkur, and much smaller than the real Geysir (this is where the name comes from). It´s located close to the big waterfall Gullfoss, "golden stream".

EH said...

They got wood from great logs transported by the sea, mostly russian forest that is transported to the artic sea by the big rivers along the northern shore.
And later on, they imported wood! Actually many houses even in 20th were partly built by lavastone and "torv", (LS, translate please.)
They also import sand and gravel for some things, they can´t use lavastone for everything.

LS said...

"torv' is called peat in English. Those peat houses must have been damp!

O.K. said...

Or maybe they were just "moist and fresh? ;)