Sunday, June 17, 2007

Stamps of the Day: Waterfalls

Here are three large waterfalls in three countries, in relation to AnS' post on her trip to the Swedish mountains and a big waterfall there.

Waterfalls are something special; they can really make you feel small and unimportant. These large masses of water that just come and come over the edge for thousands of years, and never stop. Waterfall are really timeless, or rather 'time-ignorant'.


Cito Rodrigues said...

Hey person, you get a wonderful blog!!!

Really Great!!!

But i jus speak english and portuguese...

A hug from São Paulo, Brazil.

LS said...

HI Cito,

Not to late to learn a new language! :) By the way, I have been to Sao Paulo and I love it. I had some great Italian food there, but I don't remember the resturant's name.


EH said...

I agree, a waterfall is wonderful, at the right distance. I once tried to kayak a waterfall that i was told was an easy one. I managed to get stuck in the stream with all that water pounding on my body. I got loose, it was never really dangerous, but not very pleasent. The waterfall was about 2 m in height. Now I stick to flat-water kayaking, like seas and such. No streams and waterfalls for me anymore.