Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania

LS is birdwatching!


Red gate with butterfly trees

We went to Longwood Gardens, a huge garden area with 380 fountains and many more flowerbeds. One part is a park where the planted and the wild flora mixes up, really nice. And then suddenly you step into a very formal italian water garden. In the greenhouses everything was close to perfection, no non-flowering orchids in the orchids room. There were tropical parts, mediterranean parts, rose and fruit gardens and water lilies in heated pools outside so they were already in bloom.

The impression of this garden will last long, so many beautiful plants and things. Happily I brought the camera, here is some of the 100 photos I took!

By E.H.


LS said...

I identified that bird to a 'pippi'.

O.K. said...

Yes, it couldn't possible be an "anka" or "örn"...