Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Optical illusion art

Jacek Yerka from Poland has done some amazing art filled with fantasy and optical illusion.


PP said...

thats funny I was going to post this the other day....I really like the one with the building and the shoreline.

LS said...

There are several with buildings, which one did you mean, PP?

I like the one with the universe and different planets too, and I think LA would like that. A floating atoll in space, anyone!?

PP said...

the one on the right hand side of your post. Could you see getting up in the morning and then going downstairs and getting in a boat to go anywhere?

LS said...

funny - I didn't even see it was water until now.

I like the one with the big icewave from the snowy roofs of the village too. They are all fascinating, incredible paintings.