Monday, June 25, 2007

Anatomy of a midsummer?

Found this ad where McDonalds have analyzed the swedish midsummer. It says "The day after since 1973". (McDonalds was established in sweden 1973).

I usually end the celebration of midsummer after about one third of this "script", so no hamburgers are needed the day after... :)



LS said...

We had three kinds of herring and three kinds of akvavit, what about you? No hamburgers necessary on this end either!

O.K. said...

Two kinds of herring and 7(?) kinds of "snaps". Nam nam!

LS said...

Oh, let me guess: blue herring and white herring. Then cold, warm, hot, ice cold, blue, white and yellow snaps. Right?

We had Hallands Flader, OP and Skane (thanks to EH).

O.K. said...

We actually had red herring :) (tomatsill). The snaps was white or yellowish and cold, since we had stored it in the freezer beforehand.