Monday, June 25, 2007


Nikon, makers of microscopes and optics for telescopes among other things, have a great site with comparisons of things of all sizes, from 13.7 billion light years (our universe, still expanding) down to one femtometer (the proton). Check it out!

(Listening to while posting: the chirping of the swifts)


LS said...

This is so impressive! All college students should look a this, as part of biology, chemistry, or whatever class - it really gives you a new perspective on things. I didn't like the music though, too much like elevator or perpetual computer game music.

The scaling of things also reminds me of some of the writing in A short history of nearly everything by Bill Bryson. He also makes new kinds of comparisons, so we will understand really how alone we are in the universe, that most of the universe is just empty. And so are atoms, mostly empty. So most everything is just emptiness, even things we can see and touch, like wood and leaves, and chicken soup.

O.K. said...

Show it to the kids if they haven't look at it yet.