Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ick, tick!

I just pulled a big tick off my back, with the great Swedish tick picker (Fastingplockare Tick1). I could do it myself, one-handed far back over my shoulder because of this nifty innovation. This was especially good since everybody else is asleep in the house.

It wasn't a deer tick, which can give you Lyme disease (Borrelia), but it still gives me icky shivers. I just don't like things that crawls, slivers, and gets attached to humans, be it ticks, leeches, or mosquitos. Or those nasty horse flies (bromsar). But ticks are worst, they can get into unmentionable areas and they stay on and hide from you. I really, really, really don't like ticks.
Now I am itching all over, and I just got rid of most of my poison ivy.


O.K. said...

Good that you like the tick remover, I was a little skeptic about the functionality of its design when I bought them for you.
Ticks really are unpleasant creatures, much worse than mosquitoes. I think it is their way of sneaking up on you that I dislike, besides their visual appearance and that they can carry diseases of course.

LS said...

Yes, ticks are really sneaky creatures, they certainly don't announce their arrival.

All night I have dreamt about ticks now, big and small, differently colored. Last night I tried to find a stamp with a tick for Stamp of the Day, but failed. I doubt any country has honored them with a stamp.

EH, the tick we saw in the car in South Jersey with a white dot on its back, it is called Lone Star Tick and is a different species.

O.K. said...

No tick stamps when even Chernobyl has one? Speaks volumes... :)