Saturday, June 9, 2007

Fun at the Creation Museum

On DailyKos, a Democratic blog here in the US, a blogger is telling the story about what is to be seen at the Creation Museum (click on the link . He includes pictures and it is quite interesting. For example - There is a video on how Adam was made by God in 3 seconds, but oops, the actor playing Adam tunred out to promote free love (etc.) so now the video is pulled from the exhibit. Check out the comparison between Human Reason and God's Word - which one would you believe in? "I am that I am", or "I think, therefore I am".

And did you know that before Adam ate the apple there were no weeds? And that Kain and Abel married their sisters, and that is OK? Just read on, I am speechless....


O.K. said...

Ha, what a freakshow! Reason vs "God's word" interpreted by powerhungry leaders throughout time, I think I know what I'd pick.

LS said...

More depressing news from today, brand-new Gallup poll:

"The partisan numbers are 68% creationism to 30% evolution among Republicans, and 57% evolution to 40% creationism among Democrats."