Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wet summer

Rain comes in many shapes and forms. These pictures are from a heavy, straight-down summer rain a few weeks ago here in New Jersey. With a long shutter speed it looks nearly like snow or hail, but is just large water drops.
Our steps. The bucket is there to catch rain water for the flowers - right above there is an unofortunate spillover in the gutter. We collect the remains of our mollusc-eating habits on the steps outside, together with some driftwood and bricks found on the shore.
Rain on the screens that keep out both water and insects.

Listening to while posting: Slow rain outside.

Next on to-do-list: Make tomato tart, buy The Tree of Life book on Amazon, and clean up my desk. It is a lot more fun to cook than to clean up my desk.


O.K. said...

When it rains, it RAINS!
Beautiful first step you have by the way. ;)

LS said...

Yes, wonderful step! Works perfectly. Thanks!