Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Underground living

Amazing underground cities
I never knew anything about this....read this:
"Eventually, spelunking archeologists found a maze of connecting chambers that descended at least 18 stories and 280 feet beneath the surface, ample enough to hold 30,000 people – and much remains to be excavated. One tunnel, wide enough for three people walking abreast, connects to another underground town six miles away."

from a fellow Blogger...


LS said...

That is incredible! I am not sure I would like to live there - very dark indeed.

EH said...

Fantastic! I had no idea, but I will take some time and read more about it. I didn´t quite grasp which people had lived in these caves and which date, but I´m sure I will find out.


LS said...

Who would want to climb down 18 stories in a dark cave? And how did they get fresh air? It says in one article that the first Christians used to hide in these cities so they are at least 2000 years old, maybe even older. Very interesting, and reminds me of the city of Petra as well as the Pueblo Indian cliff cities in New Mexico, another culture I want to know much more about.