Friday, August 17, 2007

One funky drummer less

Ok, so Max Roach might not be called funky, but he sure had style. One of the last surviving founders of bebop passed away yesterday, 83 years old. I really like the recordings he did with Clifford Brown and those with Dizzy Gillespie, but just like Miles Davis he kept on moving to new areas in music.
Although he isn't among us any longer his music still is.



LS said...

Wow, drumming in tie and long-sleeved shirt, he must have gotten hot! I like this drumming! Once PP and I went to New Brunswick to see a band, can't remember its name, and we got to sit on the first or second row and the drummer right in front of us. I think the main person in the band was Cuban, PP might remember. Anyway, the drummer was AMAZING, and he looked like he was only 16 or so, playing with these old seasoned guys. I remember the Cuban doing a drumming thing himself on a wooden box. I wish I remember the name of the person and the band - I know it was at the State Theater's little stage called Crossroads and in 2004.

PP said...

no I don't remeber...I wish I did too!

this is the first I am hearing about Max...