Monday, August 13, 2007

The Aliens Are Here!

Most of the time when you think about aliens your brain screams 'War of the Worlds! AAAAA!', but people who actually believe in extra terrestrials (ET's, UFO's, whatever the heck you want to call them) their brain gets exited and says 'Quantum jump in humanity! Yay!' or 'Non-polluting energy source! Yay!'.
Over 70% of all amercians believe that there is a government cover-up.......and they would be right. That's right, I said it. No I am not insane. Yes, I'm quite sure. The government wants to leave the public in the dark when it comes to the fact that there is really faster-than-light moving, soundless, massive objects that are flying in earth's atmosphere. Take a look at and you will know what I mean. It contains thousands of down loadable reports of 'Unauthorized flying in a restricted area' where, coincidentally, that object is going twice the speed of sound and is defying gravity.
But why? I mean, why us, out of probable billions of other life-forms? Two words: Nuclear Weapons. Ever since we discovered that by using decaying plutonium and uranium we would be able to create the most power full weapons in the world, the Aliens have screamed 'Oh my god! The kids have the matches!' In short, they are trying to keep us from destroying ourselves. But why not just land in Washington DC with thousands of antimatter laser cannons equipped to ships, and demand the cease of nuclear weapons? 1: It could cause intergalactic war. 2: They don't want to directly approach us for fear that either us or their fate might match that of the fabled do-do bird.
So, in total, anyone who denies the fact that Aliens have visited our planet (Whether you are a FBI agent or a common civilian), you will miss out. ALOT.


LS said...

Could you please show me some evidence, something I can touch and feel is real?

And why would the government cover this up? Any thoughts on this?

LA said...

I want to ask something to people that believe in a 'god'. Prove that it exists. There is no reliable evidence of any god-type thing! Now look at the evidence for aliens...there are trillions of planets,I doubt that ours is the only one with an intellegent lifeform, look at all the footages of UFO's!And I think there has to be a beginning of this so-called fairytale, or not? Maybe Jesus was a humanoid alien? Put down on earth to teach man of Alien religion? The government would cover this up because look at our situation here in america: whe have the largest bugget ever and no way to pay it off. Solution? Encorperate back-engineered alien technology with human technology and wala! Within mere years the impossible is possible! Brain-wave hacking systems! Sound barrier braking planes! Better cancer treatments! How do you explain our quantum jump in medical, aeronotic, neurotic (etc) advancement that would have taken a millenia to acomplish with our own technology. I mean, realy! After world warII, the aliens visited more and more often because of massive quantities of nuclear bombs where exploding during the war, and since then, there have been many sightings of UFO crashes that have later mysteriously 'dissapeared' thanks to the government.
It's not the question if you want to believe, but if you are willing to believe.

LS said...

Read more here (especially for skeptics):
THe Skeptic on UFO sightings (this is a great magazine and site, look around here for more info)
UFO science investigations debunked

PP said...

LA, check out this