Monday, August 20, 2007

Feeling hungry?

Watch a movie about food.
There are lots of them... mmmm!


O.K. said...

My favorite is "The Godfather" (1972) where you learn how to cook pasta and sauce for a bunch of gangsters. Recipe here.

LS said...

I guess my tomato sauce is just the old-fashioned mafia sauce, because that is how I make it!

If you haven't seen Eat, Man, Drink, Woman, that is a movie worth seeing. Also Mostly Martha, the original version, not the American remake, about a German chef. And Babette's Feast of course! It is kind of strange that food is so prevalent in movies because you can't smell or taste anything, but you can imagine the smell and taste so well anyway. Food is really LIFE.

O.K. said...

Another favorite is Jeunet's "Delicatessen" (1991). A danish film with a similar theme is "De grønne slagtere" (2003) ("The green butchers"), great movie.