Thursday, August 2, 2007

Funky bracelets

We saw these funky bracelets in Maine, made from sequins and tiny beads sown onto strips of plastic, and I thought they were cool. AREA, maybe something for us to try to make at home? I don't know what plastic they used, but good cotton ribbons would be even better. Maybe as dog and cat collars too? Can't you just see a little pillow dog with one of these? Of course they weren't locally made, they were probably imported from China, the place for everything, especially plastic, but I think this can be developed into something even better and funkier.


EH said...

I love buttons, so I´ll have to try it I think! Great idea!

LS said...

The buttons and sequins (paljetter) they used were quite small, only max 6 mm in diameter. Of course you can make bigger and wider bracelets, with bigger buttons, that would be great. I would probably sew the buttons onto a sturdy canvas band, then glue another band on top of that so the knots and seams don't scratch the skin.

EH, if you make any, post pictures here!

AREA said...

I would love to try these! They look AWESOME!