Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Stamp of the Day: Chocolate

This is a real stamp, not just a piece of chocolate! This is what you need in this kind of weather we have right now, rain, rain, rain... Sit inside, with a good book, some great music, a cup of Lapsang tea, and maybe a piece of chocolate. I prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate, but anything will be OK except for cheap American chocolate (like Herseys).


EH said...

Poor you with Pooring rain ( :P ).

Have some more tea and a apple pie with cardamom and cinnamon and lots of vanilla sauce!

Chocolate is fantastic. But how big is a choco(cacao) bean really? I had some roasted, they were fantastic but I don´t know if they were real or not, about 1½ cm long. Maybe they were processed in some way...OK knows where to buy them!

LS said...

Cocoa fruits are about 20 cm long, and the 'beans' inside are seeds that are filled with cacao and cocoa butter and about 2-3 cm long. You can't eat them raw, they need to be processed. The first chocolate drinks were drunk in Central America as cold water froth drinks, without milk and without sugar. Only priests and the upper class were allowed to drink it. The cacao beans were also used as coins and currency to pay and trade things.

LA said...


O.K. said...

That's a stamp one would like to lick! :)