Saturday, August 11, 2007

Trip to Iceland juli 2007

The west point of Iceland with a lot of birds breeding, puffins etc.

A hundred meters high waterfall and you can walk behind it in a cave.

This is the border between America and Europe. Here the continents diverge in transatlantic ridge.

Hot gas and heat is coming up from the soil. We had some earthquake 3,7 on the Richter scale. I was sleeping and didn't notice.

A big sandur with the river Markarfljot where we stayed for four days.

This is the glacier which was the closest to us. Eyafjallajokel.

This is Thorsmork, a wonderful and exciting place.

45 icelandic horses were eating grass around our small houses in Husadalur.

A hot spring.

A way over the hot soil, don´t fall down. More photos are coming later.


O.K. said...

Fantastic landscape! Some of the photos looks like paintings with their warm, earthy colors. Can't wait to see your paintings of the icelandic landscape.

LS said...

Oh, my god - I love those pictures! I agree with O.K., they look like paintings already.

AREA said...

I love the icelandic pony! Its to die for! I agree, can't wait to see the paintings!

PP said...

With pictures this good, maybe you have a new career as a photographer as well as a painter!