Friday, August 10, 2007

Night sounds, HO-HOOO-HOO!

Sometimes at night we hear strange sounds from living things around here. The cicadas are nearly gone, but we have lots of owls around here, including Eastern screech owl (rolling sounds, check it out) and Barred owl ('who cooks for you?'). Horses that stomp and gneigh too. Wild cats fighting outside, deers chewing on our pretty plants, and screeching noisy blue jays. Frogs, especially spring peepers in the trees, grasshoppers and catydids, indoor cats that play around and try to catch moths and imaginary things - this is all part of our night life. And the bullfrogs of course, they are really cool. I love that you can lay in bed and hear all these things communicating in the dark. Of course I sleep through most of it, but it seems like so many other things are awake at night. What can you hear in Sweden these days? Mushrooms growing and birds starting to fly south?


O.K. said...

The faint sounds of mushrooms growing are drowned by the thunderous wingflapping of the migrating birds... ;)

Seriously though, living in a city reduces the spectrum of sounds to wind, rain, traffic and some birds. Thanks to your links I can now reproduce the nights of the rural U.S. east coast. Build your own environment so to speak, something we humans have excelled at. We might have unintentionally outdone ourselves lately though.

Why is the Eastern screech owl called that? It does not screech at all, it has a rather pleasant sound.

AnS said...

Hej. Nog låter det här också i Sverige.Gräshopporna scvischar hela dagarna och på nätterna har vi vårtbitare. Kväll och morgon ropar tranor och går på ängen nedanför huset rödhaken knäpper i buskarna i skogsbrynet. Vi människor har ju inte så bra hörsel, så fladdermusarna som jagar runt husknutarna kan vi ju inte höra, men med speciella instrument så är det ju möjligt.

LS said...

I read somewhere that nobody in America lives farther away the 3 miles from an owl, they are even in the cities.

AnS, kul med tranor! Det fanns inta nar jag bodde dar!

O.K. said...

Or maybe the traffic noise I hear is lyre birds?

LS said...

Amazing, it really sounds like a car alarm and camera with a motordrive.