Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cheezus LS, Halloumi cheese!

Halloumiost, en cypriotisk hårdost som man hittar vid feta- och fårost i affären, är jättegod att skiva, marinera i lämplig marinad och grilla. Alternativt kan man skära kuber och grilla på spett tillsammans med champinjoner, lökbitar och små tomater. Pensla då allt med olja/marinad.

Halloumi, cypriotic hard cheese is tasty to cut up and grill with some suitable grill marinade.



LS said...

Sounds great, but I have never heard of it before. I need to find out if you can buy it here in the US.

LS said...

What kind of marinade do you recommend?

EH said...

We had an ordinary marinade for meat and it was fine. Just search for "grillad halloumiost", you will find something.
It´s good to fry in a pan also. Good alternative to meat if you have a vegetarian for dinner.
It has a goatcheese taste but it´s not strong like some feta cheese.