Saturday, August 25, 2007

Stamp of the Day: Geology

Stamp of the Day today is from Åland, that little island between Finland and Sweden that has some independence but not complete. Featured theme is geology, for two reasons - I feel like a slick stone in this hot and humid weather on the east coast of USA (just horrible), and I am on my way tomorrow to a very geologically interesting area - Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA. Geysers, hot springs, volcanic eruptions every 600 00 (=now) years, petrified forests and so on. More reports on Yellowstone later. On the stamps are features left from the ice age - large boulders moved by the ice, 'jättegrytor" (= giant's pots), and pillars shaped by melting glacier water. It is nice to see stamps of natural features that are real and not just pretty (as opposed to butterflies and animated movie stars).


EH said...

Fantastic stone sculptures on these stamps.

So amazing that you´re going to Yellowstone. Remember not to pet the buffalos! ;)

I´m NOT,no...
And bring your swimsuit if there´s any not so hot springs around, it´s an fantastic experience to sit in warm water in a creek under the stars, I´ve done it in Iceland. Not the same thing as your hotpot at home, but it´s nice too.

Have a good trip LS


LS said...

Pictures and stories from Yellowstone will come soon, it was an amazing experience.