Monday, August 20, 2007

Good, homemade American food

Here is what we had for dinner on Friday, very traditional Southern food. From top left, fried chicken, green beans, mashed sweet potatoes, and collard greens (=cabbage leaves). Really good, and a lot better than Kentucky Fried Chicken. Maybe some of this food doesn't look that appetizing, but it smells and tastes wonderful!

Before frying the chicken you marinate it in buttermilk or yougurt+milk, then dip it in egg, and then in a flour+spices mixture. We used ready-made batter mixture, from the Whistle Stop Cafe in Irondale, Alabama, of Fried Green Tomatoes fame (a real food movie). The box had a steam train on it and was of course a present to PP.


PP said...

mmmmm fried chicken!

I see the Whistle Stop Cafe has a rest. concept they are trying to sell....I wonder what kind of BBQ they will sell? ;)

LS said...

The secret is in the sauce!

O.K. said...

I bought a fried herring burger yesterday from a street vendor that had a good onion sauce. When asking what the sauce contained she couldn't answer. "Dad makes it, and he won't tell me the whole recipe. It 's secret."