Saturday, February 2, 2008

Who will be the next American president?

I thought this was interesting. This is a poll from over 100 000 people that read the largest Swedish on-line newspaper - Aftonbladet. I know, it is socialdemocratic so it leans to the left, but look how few votes all the republicans get. Obama wins! Any comments?


O.K. said...

Most of all I think it shows how much less publicity the republican candidates gets here. A quick search of Aftonbladet's news stories where the candidates are mentioned (in the news section) gives Clinton 105 hits, Obama 42, McCain 26 and Romney 12. (It seems to be far to few hits, maybe their search function isn't working properly?)

Obama, in general, is reported about in a positive way. I'm not surprised that he "won".

LS said...

Maybe that is because Obama is the best?