Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

With some Bixa orellana, also known as achiote or annato, heartshaped spiny fruit with seeds surrounded by red juice that is used for hair coloring and lipstick. This photo is from Ecuador, where we saw this tree in the rain forest. I read somewhere that women that wear lipstick actually 'eat' more than several pounds of lipstick over their lifetime.

Happy Valentine's Day everybody - we love you all!

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EH said...

And we love you back of course!

It was a special day yesterday, we have now the keys to our house and a frentic time has begun. Renovating small mishaps and painting and putting up wallpapers. I have no idea how much we can do in a week, but we´ll try to make it ours.

And some of the colors is not my say the least.