Saturday, February 23, 2008

Took a walk, brought a camera

A bad pic but I had to include it! A bunch of vultures on a house nearby. I didn't see it but there must have been a dead animal nearby. This house is for sale...can you imagine pulling up in a car to see it and being greeted by this sight?!! The one with its wings spread is not just landing or taking off, it was just sitting there like that. On the roof peak just to the right of that one was another with its wings spread too, it flew away a second before I took the shot.

The stone bridge at Rock Mill. A few hundred fett from here are the ruins of a saw mill LS and I explored about a year ago. Not much left anymore but if you know what to look for you can find it. The weather was a constant very slight mist of rain, my wool coat collected a covering of little droplets all over it. The temp. was right around freezing.

This small stream feeds into Rock Brook.

On Hollow Rd. To my right are the ruins of a mid 1700's mill. I don't know if it was a saw mill or other. The house at the bend in the road has 5 sump pumps in it's basement!

One of the older farms in the area. It has what is called here a "Dutch" style barn.

The Christmas tree farm

The barn near our house


LS said...

Beautiful photos. They really capture the weather. I know that some birds sit like that with their wings to dry them, but that makes no sense for these vultures. Maybe they are just pretending to be gargoyles?

LS said...

The mill in the river was a saw mill. I remember that from the old map we have a copy of.