Sunday, February 17, 2008

More facts about Ecuador

In Ecuador, they grill whole pigs and sell them for lunch.
In Ecuador, the tree frogs get dusty feet when they hide under your bed.
In Ecuador, torrent ducks swim upstream and eat algae when the river fills with rainwater.
In Ecuador, they put popcorn in the tomato soup. And it is good!
In Ecuador, papayas fall from the sky and smash open like broken eggs.
Or from very tall papaya trees.
In Ecuador, potato plants are purply and fuzzy and over 3 meters tall.
Oh, all the strange things you can see in Ecuador!


PP said...

wow that duck pic is great! So is the pig. Did you eat any of those? Funny some of your pics enlarge a lot and others don't at all...I'd like to see some of them bigger!

LS said...

I will try to fix that enlargement issue, not sure why they do that.

I had some of the pig, but I din't eat the duck. We had papaya, but not this overripe one. The popcorn soup was great!

LS said...

OK, I fixed the grilled pig and the tomato soup, now they can be clicked on and be larger.