Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Did you see it, did you see it?

The total lunar eclipse that was tonight? We did! I was going to link to NASA's website about the eclipse, but the site is down - too many people trying to get on it I bet. We saw Saturn, Remulus, Polaris, Orion and the Big Dipper too. But the moon was the best.

Here is a photo from the one in March 2007:Source: Tim's Astroblog


EH said...

Unfortunately it was cloudy here, so I didn´t see it. I had thought about setting the alarm, but it was no idea since the sky was hidden.

It must have been fantastic.

O.K. said...

As EH said, far too foggy. And mid-eclipse was around 4:30 in the morning. We'll have to make a note of december 21st 2010 in our calendars, the next full lunar eclipse here... :)

Lunar eclipse calculator here.

LS said...

The owl is howling outside, the moon is full again, and we are waiting for the nth snow storm this year, supposedly about to start at midnight. But right now, a few hours before, it is quiet, dark, and perfect owl hooing weather.