Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ecuador - Food in Otavalo

Candy apple, anyone? These looked poisonous.
Fried fish from the nearby lake was popular streetfood.
Dyes and spices (spies and dices). The red ones are annato seeds from the lipstick plant.
Little marinated snails served with limes. We saw little kids walking around eating this treat, one snail at the time. The snails are also from the Andean lake, not from the ocean.
Eating lunch at the food market.


O.K. said...

Mmm, marinated snails! :) Probably healthier than our run-of-the-mill candy. Did you taste them?

LS said...

I didn't dare to eat the snails - but they looked good. I loved the sight of three-year old kids snacking on the little snails!

LS said...

I am reposting Lisa's comment after deleting some personal info:

LisaV said...

Fabulous pics LS, as always. You have a great eye.

ferely helsii said...

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