Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Borrowed photo: Spring break

I am posting a photo I got from O.K. probably last winter or early spring, named 'spring break'. (I hope you don't mind, O.K.) It represents so much of what I want right now. Soon it is spring break here at the university, one week of no teaching and classes. I need it - it has been a bit much the last month. I won't go on vacation, instead I will finally be able to do some research! Real stuff! The week after the kids have their spring break from their school and they are going to their grandma for a visit. I want less snow and rain, more crocus (first flowered on Feb 15 and got covered with snow the next day) and more budding forsythia. More singing tufted titmice (=bird, related to talgoxe), and more howling owls. More sunshine. More cracks in the ice, less ice, and soil in pots with seeds in them. This reminds me that I really have to order seeds - I hope they have not run out of my favorite tomatoes yet. How is Sweden, still gray and cold and wet?


EH said...

Yep, grey cold and wet, but the snowdrops are flowering so spring is close.

LS said...

Oh, no snowdrops here! I am jealous.

LS said...

I am still waiting for the spring breaking in New Jersey - frost on my car's windshield this morning!