Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy birthday, Jules

Today it is the 180th anniversary of the birth of Jules Verne. Born the 8 of february 1828, the french author wrote over 70 adventure and science fiction stories during his career.

I find the science fiction books particularly interesting since they quite accurately describes a future of aviation, submarines, skyscrapers, space travel, man landing on the moon, world wide telecommunications, weightlessness in space, calculators, video telephones and even podcasts, though usually from a steampunk perspective. Among the concepts not yet realized that he wrote about are light propulsion space crafts and, thankfully, ads projected on the clouds.

So how could Jules Verne have such a clear vision of the future? Well, according to his birth certificate (incorrectly dated 1928), he was "a hundred years ahead of his time" already at his birth.


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LS said...

I love Jules Verne and his books were among my favorites when I was a kid. Funny about the birth certificate and that nobody caught the mistake and crossed it out.