Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Big Apple fight

Is Obama a Mac and Clinton a PC?
Food for thought for graphic designers and regular people in New York Times.

Also in New York Times today, a scathing editorial about Bush's budget proposal. Selected quotes from the editorial:
"President Bush’s 2009 budget is a grim guided tour through his misplaced priorities, failed fiscal policies and the disastrous legacy that he will leave for the next president. And even that requires you to accept the White House’s optimistic accounting, which seven years of experience tells us would be foolish in the extreme."
"There is one place we’re delighted to see Mr. Bush invest more money: a proposal to hire 1,100 new diplomats. The next president will need all of the diplomatic help he or she can get to contain the many international disasters Mr. Bush will leave behind."

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O.K. said...

If Obama is a Mac, what's his opinion regarding iRaq?

No need to elaborate on Billary "Gates" view. :)