Thursday, February 21, 2008

Carnivorous views in Otavalo, Ecuador

Most of these photos need no explanation. This is what you get in a South American market without any refrigeration. Fresh meat hanging and laying around, ready to bring home for dinner. Meat and lard below.
Grilled chickens, on a rotisserie grill in the market.
Head and toes, ready to be bought for chicken soup. Nothing is thrown away, everything is used.
More roast pig. Next to it is a bowl of roasted corn, really good.
And one more ex-pig.
Ready for your dinner.
Butcher shop. There were amazingly few flies.


AnS said...

The meat on the pictures does not feel aptitly but perhaps not the swedish meat is better. We have just have a new dicussion about repacked meat with new "best before date". But your photos are very good as usual.

LS said...

I wasn't very hungry for the meat either when I saw the piles of naked chickens, but I was amazed that it didn't smell bad. Maybe refrigeration is only needed in our society where it takes weeks and months between slaughter and table.

Yep, repackaged and re-dated meat is horrible, and Sweden's horrors stories are coupled with America's horror stories from slaughter houses, were recently they found near-dead animals being ki9lled and made into hamburgers for school children. My kids happily told us that they don't even eat meat at school anymore, so there was no risk they had had that sick meat.

PP said...

The cuts of meat are odd to my eyes. They don't appear to be cut into the common cuts that butchers here or in Europe use, and they don't look like "primal" cuts either. Its like they just hacked at it and got what they could and hung it up.
People have gotten so far from the production of meat these days. I remember buying chickens from a small shop in Hoboken, NJ where killed the chicken right then when you bought it. If you wanted you could even pick it out first(I never did) What struck me the most was being handed the package and it was warm. Every piece of meat I had ever bought until that time was cold. It reminded you that meat is more than shrink wrapped packages in the refrigerated case at the supermarket.

LS said...

I think you are right about the cuts - it just looks like they chopped it off anyway they wanted into large pieces.