Sunday, May 4, 2008

Willowwood part 2

Spiny, spiny spring shoots. I think this is Aralia spinosa. I find spines fascinating as long as I don't get them too close.

Skunk cabbage leaves. Don't you think they look like velvet?

Skunk cabbage along a stream. The leaves can be up to 60 cm long, and they look really good to eat, but smell like skunks and are poisonous.

Wood pecker hotel.

Magnolia, of course. One of my favorite flowers.


O.K. said...

Pretty magnolia.

LS said...

Hehe, the magnolia was totally underexposed so I opened it in Smartpix Manager, clicked on the button "FIx color range for under- or overexposed photos" and this is what I got! I like smart programs that can fix your mistakes in the field.