Tuesday, May 27, 2008

English food

Another quote from my little book:

The English have the undeserved reputation of ruining all the vegetables they can lay their hands on. - Frank Oliver (an Englishman)

I still remember the first time I was in London, around 1991, and the two memorable meals I had there. The first was greasy fries and some beef pie at a pub for lunch - all I remember is the grease and the lack of anything vegetable-like except the fried potatoes. The second was an evening when I for the first time in my life went to an Indian restaurant and I had chicken tandoori, and it was great. I didn't understand anything the waiters said, and thought it was strange that you ordered bread and side dishes separately. But since then I have loved Indian food.


LS said...

Olle, I would love to know what you think about English vegetable cooking. Your cooking is great, I was thinking more of the traditional pub-kind.

Mr.galle said...

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LS said...

mr. galle, I am glad you like this blog. Unfortunately there isn't much on your blog that we English and Swedish-speaking can understand since we don't speak Japanese(?), except for your long list of links. Thanks for linking to us!