Thursday, May 29, 2008

Restaurant review: Sergeantsville Inn in Skunktown, NJ

On my recent birthday we did a little tour here in New Jersey and ended up having lunch at Sergeantsville Inn, in Sergeantsville, Hunterdon County, NJ. It is a tiny town, once called Skunktown, but the US post office forced them to change the name when they built a post office there. So it was renamed after the family Sergeant. The inn is in an 1800s building that has served as inn, ice house, store, and much more over the years and now is beautifully restored and old fashioned.

Nice pansies!
AREA has calamari appetizer with chinese flavors and it was really good. This was my appetizer, escargot snails baked inside puff pastry.
Very, very good, and buttery and lemony. (The Firefox spell checker wants to replace escargot with either cargoes or Descartes!)
With lunch AREA had root beer, the real brand, Stewart's of course. I think it tastes like peptobismol = a pink thick liquid they give you here in the US for tummy aches.
Our lunch room was the Wyeth room, decorated with copies of paintings by the Wyeth brothers. AnS would have loved it, and we did too.
Tomato bisque (creamy tomato soup), LA loved it.
I think this was pheasant terrine, which is pheasant liver/meat paté served with apples, bread, mustard, and pear that you can assemble in different combinations. PP's appetizer.
For entree I had this dish that I have forgotten the name of - it was a spicy stew of bulgur wheat, vegetables, and shrimp and heavenly good. Probably Italian or Spanish.
BLT sandwich with bear (THE animal) bacon, lettuce, and tomato. AREA wolfed down the bear (and the rest of the sandwich).
Cheese burger for LA, before assembly. Looked great and tasted great. Mmmmmm!
Carpaccio for PP, raw sliced meat and arugula (ruccola in Swedish) salad. So Italian. It is truly raw, not cured like gravlax. We are missing one dish that PP ordered as a side, but I can't remember what it was.

Conclusion: A fantastic place, has it all. Excellent service, ambience, food, and surroundings. We will be back!


EH said...

It looks fantastic and I must say it started my lunch hunger early today!

But I had a nice barbeque-pizza and icecream afterwards in the sun, so I´m content.

LS said...

What is a barbeque-pizza? Tell me more.

PP said...

The other dish was a really good crab cake...
I have wanted to go to this place for years, and I am glad we did. EH when are you coming for a meal here?

LS said...

I guess we forgot to photograph the crab cake... and I also wonder when EH will manage to get over the pond.