Friday, May 16, 2008

Off the grid in Vermont

One of my friends live in Vermont, in a handmade (literally) log house situated in their own forest, on a south-facing slopes with a garden, hens, and sheep (or are they goats? I know they eat the meat). Here is her vegetable garden in early summer last year, with poppies, sage (?), and cabbage coming up. No deer problems there, especially not with three sheep dogs that take care of the property. It is a lovely place. They live off the grid = they are not connected to the electric system of the country, but they have solar-generated electricity, phone service (with dial up internet), and shower inside and an outhouse outside as the bathroom. I envy them their lack of neighbors, the lack of deers, and their beautiful setting outside Brattleboro, but I would like an indoors bathroom. Their kitchen has a nice old woodstove, and when we were there we were served a wonderful omelet before we walked around the wonderful gardens with ferns, rocks, and flowers of all kinds. The dogs are trained not to dig and lay in the flower beds, imagine that!


O.K. said...

If it is goats, you can ask him/her if the goat roast really is that shriveled up. ;)

They have a really nice garden, and the unpainted house reminds me of old houses in northern Sweden.

LS said...

The house on the photo is just a barn, not the 2-story log cabin built from trees cut on the property. The water comes from a spring higher up on the hill so they have running water all year round, naturally. Also, there is a pond for swimming, fruit trees, and a steep hill and long driveway to shovel each winter. It is a very peaceful place.

LA said...

How come we have deer and they dont?
Burn it I say, BUUURN! }:D

LS said...

Hmmm, LA, what is it that you want to burn? The deers? Nothing bad I hope. You would love their house, it is all wood inside. And they have internet :)

I guess they don't have deers because the winters are so snowy, and the deers have problems surviving in the forests in the deep snow. Just a theory.