Monday, May 19, 2008

A small world - Finland in the morning

I woke up this morning in a hotel room in Washington DC, USA, turned on the TV, and guess what was right there on the screen. Mushroom hunting for chanterelles, boletus (Karl Johan svamp), and other delicacies in a Finnish forest. Looked just like Sweden! The reporter was so excited over all the mushrooms they found during a short walk, but he made a big botanical mistake, he said that they leave the root stumps in the forest because that is where the spores are. Hmpf! The spores are under the hat, mister!

The program went on to a restaurant where they made an old-fashioned lunch dish for workers. They took a whole fish (caught that morning) and baked it rolled into sourdough bread, so it just looks like a loaf of bread but inside there is a fish for easy transport and keep during a long workday. I haven't seen anything like it in Sweden, but it looked good. And I love Finnish dark sourdough bread, the kind you can't buy here.

Right now they are having a crawfish party in an old inn. "That slurping sound is considered a healthy sound, and is appreciated by the host". The reporter said this for real, and he got it right. Now I am getting hungry, off to breakfast. (This was all on the VERIA network channel, and the program was Under the Sun with Nathan Leroy.)


Anonymous said...

You can get that dark brown bread at Lexington Market in Baltimore, Maryland!!

LS said...

Ah, but I am not in Baltimore. Lucky you! Do you know what they call that Finnish bread here in the USA? Not surdegslimpa, that I am sure of.

LS said...

I found out that the fish in bread dish is called Kalakukko. That doesn't sound too good in Swedish (in Swedish the work sounds like a 'naken snopp' or naked cuckoo), but it sure looks tasty. In Finnish Kala means fish, and kukko means bread, so it is more innocent.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what they call it here. My German neighbor used to get it there. Being Baltimore they probably call it "Thet dark loaf over dere hon"