Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Handmade in Ecuador

I thought I should cheer you all up in the rainy spring weather with some colorful photos from travels past.

A young girl selling wall hangings in Otavalo market.

Fishes, cats, birds, houses, people....

I bought a hammock in this market stand, in rainbow colors. It might even be the one on the photo. It can't be outside all summer, but I have already found the two trees we will use for the hooks. The hammock is a double-size, with place for two. Well, maybe to Ecuadorians, not two of us :)

These are bracelets made from horse hair.

The tourists that came to Otavalo seemed to love these handmade copied of pre-Columbian pottery, but I was less excited. Maybe it is because they are so dull-colored, or that I know too little about their history.

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LS said...

O.K., that black box next to the fake pre-Columbian pottery, do you think it is a pre-Columbian tape recorder?