Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Stamp and Poem of the Day: Hepatica

Hepatica nobilis, also known as Liverleaf, Liverwort, Common Hepatica, Kidneywort, Pennywort, Leberblümchen, lehtosinivuokko, sinivuokko, blåsippa, on this Russian (=Soviet Union) stamp from 1983.

The Hepatica by Archibald Lampman ( in part)
Then flourish fairly, flower and glossy leaf,
Let no hand stoop to do thee any wrong,
God wot, thy pale mid time is very brief
To gather in the sunlight and the song;
_ - - - - - _ - - - - - - _

"It is a mild remedy in disorders of the liver, indigestion, etc., and possessing pectoral properties it is employed in coughs, bleeding of the lungs and diseases of the chest generally." (A modern herbal, Grieve, 1931)

Don't believe old folklore. Hepatica is poisonous in large doses.

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