Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Stamp of the day: Irish since we forgot St Patricks day yesterday

I couldn´t find a shamrock, so here is two other nice ones.


LS said...

We didn't forget - well, we forgot it on the blog. But we had corned beef cooked with potatoes, onion, carrots, and cabbage - yummy! And we played Van Morrison on the stereo, and PP probably drank some Irish stout. Congratulations all Irishmen and women!

EH said...

So what do you think about the stamps then?

LS said...

Well, as far as I know there are no pitcher plants in Ireland, but that is among the coolest plants evolution ever made. And the geese is great, mainly because it is not an invasive, lawn-pooping Canada geese here in New Jersey, where they have become pests. Just kidding - I like both stamps a lot! I like especially that the goose is not just drawn from the side, but from the front, like it is about to get you :)