Saturday, March 29, 2008

A piece of a shipwreck

At Spurn head we saw a bit of a stranded ship. The iron had been corroded and sanded into a smooth black object, nearly organic in shape.


LS said...

I love this photo. I wonder what part of the ship it was, and how it ended up on the shore. Do you think that shop stranded close by?

O.K. said...

Beautiful. I like the smooth, sculpted shape the sand and water gave it, perfect as a garden ornament. Was it large?

LS said...

I have decided I think this is a steelified (as opposed to fossilized) hammerhead shark. Unless someone else can come up with a better theory of what this might have been.

Olle said...

It was about 10 inches long. And it was next to a big chunk of a ship machinery (a boiler or what?, you can see a picture of it on my webalbum

There is a series of ship wrecks outside that reef, and this one could have been from a relatively late one stranded in 1970's I would guess. But how the parts have been moved from the bottom up on the shore I have no idea - would they not normally sink into the sand? They were certainly not there when I visited the shore a couple of years back.