Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Carl Warner - edible landscapes

I ran across this amazing photographer that makes landscapes out of food, Carl Warner. Here is a blog post about his photos, and another one.

How about a Tuscan landscape made out of cold cuts - bacon, ham, salami, prosciutti, and roasted chicken? There are lots more - gardens with broccoli trees, kitchens with tomato bowls, landscapes with cheese houses, and seas made out of salmon.

His own website is one of those flash-animated websites that look good but are painstakingly annoying to use. But feel free to explore it, I am just warning you. Some of his other food photography is really great too. You will find the images on his website under Fotographics - Food Scapes.


EH said...
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EH said...

Truly amazing. It must take some time to put it all in place!

LS said...

I read that he takes several different photos, one of each layer, and then adds them together. Hours of planning and arranging I bet. And shopping.