Friday, March 28, 2008

Green shots from the rainforest

This Bactris palm is not something I would like to climb up!''

A local hibiscus, from the bottom up.

Below are some closeups of a mimosa-type flower. The pink and white parts are the stamens, fresh with the morning dew.

, an orchid with very tiny flowers, about 2-3 mm in diameter, and many hundreds of species.

Another leaf is on the way - circinate vernation in a fern leaf, like the top of a fiddle.


PP said...

Wow, cool! ;)

PP said...

Is that natural light on the fern leaf pic? It looks like fill in flash...all nice pics by the way. I love the dew drops.

LS said...

The fern photo is a flash photo with a zoom, not macro. The whole fiddle head was probably at least 2 inches in diameter in a very dark part of the understory of the rainforest.