Monday, March 3, 2008

Spring is here in middle of Sweden

Now springtime is really here. Hundreds of greylag geese are on my field and together with them are also hundreds of bean geese. It is really early this year. Three pink-footed geese are there too. Starling, lapwing and sky lark is in the sky. I am happy.


LS said...

Oh, now I am jealous. We only have thousand of boring Canada geese. I did see four snow geese with the Canada geese on someone's lawn here in NJ a few days ago, but we really don't have the migrating geese here. When you get here, AnS, we will go down to the coast and see thousands of the real kind, not invasive lawn eaters (=overwintering Canada geese).

PS. I added labels and edited the text a tiny bit.

EH said...

I haven't heard the lark yet or the starlings, might be because I´m sick in a cold and stay inside mostly.

And it´s nice outside, bad luck! But I sat in our patio yesterday, my own little spot on earth. Trying to decide what to keep, in the flowerbeds. All kinds of bulbs are showing ....and kirskål. And the birds are singing here too.