Friday, March 28, 2008

Oyster eating at Coquette

Go to a nice French bistro in Philadelphia such as Coquette for lunch and order oysters.

Add condiments, if wanted. Eat! I used to dislike oysters but now I love them. It is all PP's fault, he made me eat them again. And O.K. too, he helped in the convincing.

A moist close-up, before it is gone. My favorites are Blue points and Kumamotos, and I like to have lemon, tabasco, or that shallot-vinegar mix on them, but not all at once. I like the oysters to be small and not to 'wet', not full of seashore liquid.

While eating you can enjoy the nice surroundings, and you can nearly think you are in Paris if you ignore the language, cars, and views out the windows. But nice! I love the floor, even if it is the same kind as in our old bathroom in the Bronx apartment where I used to live. Those little tiles are historical.

Their FRENCH fries are amazing, dusted with parsley and crispy and not too salty. PP had shrimp and grits and I had smoked trout sandwich with horseradish mayo. This is a great little lunch place in Philadelphia.
By the way, apparently Congress has gone back to serving French Fries in their lunch room, after calling them Freedom Fries since some republicans got mad at the French for not supporting the Iraq war. How silly can people be? They should have been more concerned about the people dying in Iraq. I prefer the word Pommes Frites, which simply means fried potatoes.

The website for the restaurant seems to be non-functional at the moment, which doesn't surprise me after reading the review below. The people running this place seem to do it the French way. Service was great, and the food was delicious. They had really nicely designed menus, very Parisian in style. There is an informative review of Coquette here.


EH said...

Hmm, I only tried gratinated oysters, but in was in France in a castle on new years eve 1999 on the verge to 2000.

We had a fantastic food and wine experience there. I still have the menu somewhere.

LS said...

Cooked oysters are good too - but different. I had Oyster po-boy sandwiches in New Orleans that were fantastic, and PP's saffron oyster stew is staple food here for our New Year's Eve celebrations. What was the name of the castle in France?

LS said...

For you non-Swedes:

gratinated means broiled, often with some cheese or cream mixture on top