Wednesday, March 19, 2008

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Obama's speech yesterday made me cry, and I don't cry easily these days... This is a man I want as president! Millions of people have watched the youtube video, or you can read it here. I have never ever heard any Swedish politician be so smart, humble, honest, and right about what he or she was talking about. I am now officially an Obama-fan. And maybe I even get to vote!

If you wondered how to cook a varmint (pest animal), real instructions are here. Good luck with that beaver.

And let sleeping dogs lie, even in Ecuador.
(Photo by LS in Otavalo, note the tiles on the sidewalk - fancy!)


O.K. said...

Eh, how is cooking of animals related to Obama?

The tagging "animals cooking dog Ecuador food politics USA" is open to (strange) interpretations. Or is it just me? :)

LS said...

Hehe - that is just how my mind works - and instead of making three posts I made one. Obama has nothing to do with cooking varmints or sleepy dogs :)

But food politics here is crazy, cooking dogs can be a good thing (ss the post above shows), and for animals cooking, you can see that in WolffMorgenthaler's comic strips.

LS said...

I just realized that there is a connection between cooking and Obama. The former Republican candidate Mike Huckabee told everyone that he once was so poor he ate squirrels he had shot himself and had cooked in a popcorn pan.

sqiurrel video

O.K. said...

"Popcorn pan? Luxury!"

O.K. said...

(Added the now suitable "cardboard box" label.)

PP said...

He was lucky to have a squirrel, why we used to have to eat gnats picked off blackberries!

LS said...

Gnats? Luxury!

We had to lick the bacteria off the inside of rinsed-out youghurt cans!