Thursday, March 13, 2008

Stamp of the Day: Horses

These are for AREA and EH, our personal hippologists.
It always amazes me what kind of names they come up with for horses. Here are my suggestions: "Fast and Furious", "Dirtroad", "Manepower", and "Sugarlover". Great horse names, don't you think?


EH said...

I don´t know about the names, but race horses and trot horses always have so strange names.

I suppose it´s because people bet money on them, I would rather put my money on Mane Power than on Dirt road.

And would surely put more money on Lightning than on Snail!

Nice horse stamps either way, strange names or not. I like the title hippologist. :-)

LS said...

But maybe Dirt Road is dirt cheap? These names are clearly just for marketing. I mean, who would think a horse named Sally could win a race?

AREA, any insights?