Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Six-legged creatures in Ecuador

A giant moth that flew against a lamp and died. The body was fuzzy like a red panda.
A black and white stinkbug walking down a leaf.

This butterfly has see-through wings - amazing. It is sitting on a plant called Mama Juana. All photos by me and from Maquipucuna Reserve northwest of Ecuador.


O.K. said...

Nice pictures. I see that the macro on your new camera works well.

LS said...

Hmm, not as well as I want. It is hard to focus and in lowlight it is not as great as a SLR. I probably threw out 80% of my macroshots, but I took many of the same thing to be sure at least one came out. But it is so much better than the Coolpix I had before.