Monday, September 1, 2008

A first taste of Maine

We are back from an amazing week in Maine, about 600 miles northeast of New Jersey, and a different kind of life and land. It was simply wonderful! A lot reminded me of Sweden and a lot did not. We had rented a cottage on Mount Desert Island, and during our time there we visited Acadia National Park, drove up to Cadillac Mountain, took a ferry to Little Cranberry Island, eat LOTS of lobsters and mussels and clams, hiked along the shore, went whale watching, went fishing, went lobstering, ate lobster rolls, saw very old antique cars in a museum, found the best grocery store in the world, got mosquito bitten (plenty), and on an on. I took 500 photos, that now need to be gone through and a few of them will make it onto the blog. Just be patient dear friends and family and you will see Maine here soon. Here is a first taste - the fantastic little cafe at Islesford on Little Cranberry Island. Yummy!

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