Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kayaking in the archipelago of Uppland

I went on a camping tour last weekend with some friends. We were kayaking in the archipelago of north Uppland in Sweden on the east side of Gräsö.

The weather was unsteady, lot of clouds and windy too. The kayaking became something different than in good weather, it required some skill in the waves and wind and rain in sunday morning. It was fun and exciting, and I got a few good surfs with my kayak. It was a nice outdoor weekend. I hope you enjoy the photos.


Olle said...

"Grillade kronärstkockshjärtan", indeed! Seems you were having a nice dinner.

But please put in a bit bigger reference pictures - your pictures are clarly great but they cannot be fully appreciated in this small size.

I miss the Stockholm archipelago. I have been in that area so many times - my favourite.

EH said...

Yes, together with a pasta al-dente it was really superb. For, who said a meal om a camping stove has to be bland and boring. My new device is, "food tastes better when your outside, if you cook good food outside, it´s heavenly!"

I will soon post a book tip.

And about the pictures, I´ll send you an update on bigger ones.

LS said...

Wow, the weather looked threatening but fun! And the food looks delicious! What a difference to our usual 'snabbmakaroner och påssås" (instant elbow macaronis and bolognese sauce in a bag) that we used to have while camping.

We are back from Maine now, and had an absolutely fantastic trip - lots of photos and stories are coming soon. When we pulled in the driveway we were met by three deers, standing there quietly and watching us. "When the masters are away the deers eat and play...."